Academic success and sports essay

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Argumentative Essay: The Importance of Sports

It seems from a review of the literature that no one has been able to conduct an experimental study which tests the effects of sports participation verses non-participation on some form of academic outcome.

Often those big-business sports — mostly football and basketball — feature students who sometimes having difficulty making the academic cut, for various reasons. The main benefits of sport are improved health and fitness, and the development of social and communication skills.

Luke Belton, a geology student at Durham University who smashed two island records swimming for Guernsey at the Commonwealth Gamessays he is a better student because of his sport.

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Julyavailable at http: Ratey, a Harvard University psychiatrist who synthesized volumes of research for his intriguing book Spark: Even when all three models were analyzed, there is still a great deal of variance left unexplained when it comes to the effects of sports participation on academic outcomes.

For many years the developmental theory dominated popular beliefs of the relationship between sports participation and academic outcomes. Journal of Sport Behavior, In this study Videon,in Brohs studyand in Jordannone were able to show that sports participation could explain more than about nine percent of the variance for any type of academic outcome.

It is assumed that these habits eventually translate into better academic outcomes. Although the research on the relationship between athletics and academic outcomes remain in its early stages, current research has made important contributions to our understanding of how participation in sports may have an impact on academic outcomes.

Gender, Interscholastic Athletics, and Academic Outcomes. Department of Health and Human Services stated that across 50 studies undertaken on the subject of physical activity and academic performance, as reported in 43 separate academic articles, there were a total of associations between physical activity and academic performance, which represented measures of academic achievement, academic behavior, and cognitive skills and attitudes 3.

It is also noted that these types of improvements may not be limited only to sports participation, but may also be expanded to other school related extracurricular activities as well Jordan, Other research in the area of sports participation focuses on the types of people who participate in sports.

Another study, also analyzing data from the NELS: Overall, though, children who carried out regular exercise, not only did better academically at 11 but also at 13 and in their exams at 16, the study suggested.

Do athletes make better students?

One such interesting finding from the research is that in general, an extremely few number of students participate in organized sports Jordan, Works Cited Broh, B. Opportunities to get involved with sport at university are plentiful and the UK has some world-class sporting institutions.

Success Essay

The best results of analysis occurred when all three models developmental theory, leading-crowd theory, and social capital theory were analyzed together. Although the literature illustrates some of the reasons participation in sports may facilitate higher academic achievement, the question still remains.

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He or she is to keep in mind the success of his or her school. Sports help students lead a more corporate and mature life. May 13,  · The Case for Sports as a Key Driver for Academic Success By Edwin Moses Summer is quickly approaching, which means one thing for high school seniors -. Moreover, a recent article of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) cited a university study carried out on about 5, children and adolescents, which found links between exercise and exam success in English, mathematics and science and discovered an increase in performance for every extra 17 minutes boys exercised, and 12 minutes for girls (2).

Besides, a lot of student success in their academic are usually active in sport, it will show if there are any differences between student that participated in sport and student that not participated in sport in their academic achievement (Shuman Michael, ).

For instance, Shulruf () shows that engaging in sports activities and team sports indicates a positive association to higher grade point averages (GPA) which are measures of academic success. Additionally, sports have a lot of psychological benefits that would enable students to achieve academic success.

Academic success essay being.

Academic success essay being

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Academic success and sports essay
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