Con 280 gfp paper

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Confocal microscopy

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In general, the competing ligand in the case of glucose is dextrana long glucose polymer attached to the scaffolding or to the enzyme. The authors speculate about fluorescent dyes for in vivo investigations.

Chemiluminescence, the generation of light by means of chemical reactions, is produced by some protein, such as Aqueorin from symbiont in jellyfish and luciferase from symbiont in fireflies.

The intersection of the two point spread functions gives a much smaller effective sample volume. Our scores were not based on the filamin-A staining in the matrix in the early stage of cancer development, and we used an antibody MAB that recognizes the cytoplasmic full-length filamin-A.

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Inhibition of Filamin-A Reduces Cancer Metastatic Potential

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Examples of this include a study utilizing LC with acrylodan and Ruthenium at the at N-terminus revealing three conformational states closed and twisted, [55] the fluorescence and phosphorescence of the tryptophan W under normal conditions [52], under high pressure [60] and with or without calcium.

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Sheppard from Oxford published the first work whereby a confocal microscope was controlled by a computer.

To be more specific, it relied on a GOx oxygen-ruthenium quenching assay where the protein was mixed with AWP azide-functionalized polyvinyl alchool, a photocrosslinkable polymer and cross-linked to a dialysis membrane that was rolled around a premade ruthenium oxygen probe ocean optics and inserted into an gauge needle with eight holes on the side akin to a recorder.

Progress in tissue culture, genetic transformation and applications of biotech- nology to trees: Information to Use into the use information?

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5 min in media to a coverslip [coated in 10mgyml Con A (Sigma) for 5 min, washed three times with water, and allowed to dry] in the perfusion chamber (Warner Instruments, Hamden, CT.

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Con 280 gfp paper
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